React vs. Vue JS: Comparison Between the Best JS Technologies


React and Vue JS are the best front-end frameworks and are very popular in their community.

Do you know which one is better?

 In this blog, a complete comparison between these two is mentioned. So please don’t wait and let’s know some technology stuff.

What is React JS?

React JS is one of the most known javascript libraries, created by Meta(early known as Facebook) in 2012 and still maintained by them. The reason for creating React JS was to eliminate the problem facing Meta regarding code maintenance because of product growth, team expansion, cascading updates, and functionality. React JS has been the most beloved framework for developers and is still the favorite as of 2023. React JS has so many advantages, which will be mentioned further in the blog, and its benefits make it famous among developers. Hire a React native app development company if you have a complex project.

Advantages of React JS

  • SEO friendly – React completes its render faster, which helps to reduce the time of page loading, and it will improve the SEO rankings.
  • Open-source nature- React JS’s open-source nature results from the great ecosystem and significant community support for its library.
  • Reusable components – The web app, which is made of a React base, has made of various parts, and each of its features has its style, control, and logic. So these components can be used in multiple places anytime, saving the developers’ time and money.
  • Enhanced performance- React JS gives an outstanding performance, and it can develop any application, even if it has too much complexity to develop.

Disadvantages of React JS

  • Complexity to learn code– Some people will be more okay with the complexity of the code, but learning React JS may be challenging for some developers to learn. It takes time to grasp all the code needed to be remembered for development with React JS framework. 
  • Constant updating of React JS– React JS is a good thing for the framework, but it is very challenging for the developer to learn new things whenever the update comes. It is suitable for React JS to update step-by-step according to modern technologies. Also, it is a drawback for the developer as it is challenging to keep up with updates.

What is Vue JS?

Vue JS framework was created in 2014 by Evan Jue. It is used to build a one-page application and user interface. Moreover, it can be used in web app development and desktop. It is written in typescript. According to a report, more than 4 million websites were built through Vue JS. This framework is easier to learn for developers who know the Javascript framework. The project setup takes no longer than one day and is very light to use.  

If you are a beginner, Vue JS is for you because it is effortless to use compared to React JS.

Advantages of Vue JS

  • Uses typescript 
  • Beginner friendly
  • Very light to use 
  • Project setup is accelerated.
  • Flawless Compatibility with third-party integration.

Disadvantages of Vue JS

  • Limited resources -Developers have to write certain things from scratch because there are no readymade resources like libraries and plugins like any other framework.
  • Lack of support – Vue JS doesn’t have a vast community; it is rapidly growing but still not as same as React JS.
  • No set of rules – Developers can choose any coding style according to them, as Vue JS is very liberal. Moreover, at the same time, it doesn’t maintain the discipline of coding, and because of that, it cannot be used for big projects. For example, if a developer leaves half of their work while using the coding style they have chosen, the other person assigned the job will need clarification and help to understand the project. 

Comparison between React JS vs. Vue JS

Let’s first see the similarities between React JS vs. Vue JS briefly.

  • Typescript support 
  • Use of Javascript 
  • It has supporting libraries and core libraries.
  • Backward Compatibility
  • Have a virtual Document Objective Model(DOM)
  • Active Communities 
  • PWA support
  • Better performance, flexibility, and speed
  • Seamless version migration
  • Have core libraries and supporting libraries 
  • Have a tremendous variety of tools and libraries.

Here come the significant differences- It has a different project setup, other corporate support, and different maturity levels. No of react native app development company is more than Vue JS

When you will choose React JS or Vue JS

Some points will tell you when to choose React JS and when to Choose Vue JS.

These are some of the points when you have to choose React JS.

  • When you have a very complex project in your hand, React JS is the best option.
  • If you are looking for something to facilitate your product development, you can use React JS because it has numerous libraries and tools.
  • It is a fantastic piece of technology that will help to scale your product seamlessly.

Some points that will tell you when you have to choose Vue JS

  • If you are looking for multiple OOTB tools for fast project setup.
  • You can use Vue JS if your project doesn’t need significant scaling.
  • If the given project is simple, for example, working on a single-page website.

To Sum Up

Now you may get an idea about these excellent front-end web development tools. Now it’s up to the developer to work with which library they prefer. Both produce the best applications as they come under the best front-end web development tool. They both support cross-platform, have fast debugging, and have active communities and a wide range of developers who choose them. If you want to develop an application to enhance your business, hire the best app development company and launch your app soon.

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