Exploring Kerala’s Breathtaking Natural Wonders on Trip from Surat

trip from Surat

Kerala, also known as Gods Own Country. This is a land of diverse natural wonders that will leave you spellbound. This place is located in the South Western region of India. The state is blessed with an abundance of natural landscapes. This is ranging from pristine beaches to verdant hill stations, serene backwaters to wildlife sanctuaries. Anybody can enjoy with Surat to Kerala tour package for unforgettable experience. If you are planning a trip from Surat, here are many wonders which are best.

Kovalam Beach

Your Kerala journey can start from the Kovalam beach, which is located near Trivandrum. The crescent shaped beach is fringed with coconut palms. This offers an incredible view of the Arabian Sea. You can relax on the golden sand, take a dip in the crystal clear water. You can indulge in water sports activities like surfing, parasailing and snorkeling. In short, this place is perfect for photography.

Moreover, this place offers a lot of things to enjoy. If you want to enjoy your trip then visit this place for sure.

Varkala Beach

Another popular beach destination in Kerala, Varkala boasts of a long stretch of golden sands. This is a towering red cliff that overlooks the Arabian Sea. The beach is popular among backpackers and surfers and houses a quaint little village. This offers a glimpse into the local lifestyle.


Thekkady, located in the dense forests of the Western Ghats, is a nature lovers paradise. The town is home to the Periyar National Park. This is famous for its elephant herds, tigers and other wildlife. You can take a jungle safari or indulge in bamboo rafting to explore the wilderness.

This place is perfect natural place to explore. If you want to enjoy some unique moments then this place is best.


This is one of the most scenic hill station in India. Munnar is located in the Western Ghats. The hill station is renowned for its sprawling tea plantations, pristine waterfalls. This is also famous for its breathtaking views of the Anamudi Peak. You can take a leisurely stroll in the tea estates.

You can also hike to the top of the hill. Visit the nearby Eravikulam National Park during the journey.


Wayanad is a serene bio diverse region that is located in the Western Ghats. The region is known for its thick evergreen forests, mist clad mountains and refreshing waterfalls. You can go trekking, mountaineering or rock climbing in the region.


Kumarakom is another popular backwater destination that is located near Alleppey. The town is situated on the banks of the Vembanad Lake. This is known for its exotic birdlife, charming lagoons and pristine mangrove forests. You can take a boat ride along the backwaters. You can take a nature walk in the bird sanctuary. In short, just relax in a luxurious resort.

Athirapally Falls

Athirapally Falls is a spectacular waterfall that cascades down from a height of 80 feet. The falls are located amidst lush green forests. This offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. You can take a dip in the cool water or go trekking to explore.


Kozhikode, also known as Calicut. This is located on the Malabar coast. It is famous for its serene beaches and historic landmarks. You can visit the iconic Beypore Beach, explore the Kozhikode Beach. After that, you can go on a shopping spree in the bustling markets.

Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach is a pristine sandy beach. This offers an uninterrupted view of the Arabian Sea. The beach is located near Kochi and offers a peaceful ambiance and serene surroundings. You can indulge in water sports activities, take a leisurely walk along the shoreline. Simply relax and soak in the stunning views. This place is amazingly best to enjoy with anyone.

You can enjoy some of the best moments by visit this amazing place. So, just visit and enjoy some fun moments at this wonderful place of Kerala.

Silent Valley National Park

The Silent Valley National Park is a pristine rainforest located in the Western Ghats. The park is renowned for its unique and rare flora and fauna. This is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. You can explore the park on foot. You can go on a safari to spot some rare species of animals and birds.

This place is perfect one for photography lovers. During the trip, you can capture some best pics. On the other hand, this place is also a heaven for nature lovers.


Palakkad is a scenic town located near the border of Tamil Nadu. This is known for its serenity, breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage. You can explore the historical landmarks like the Palakkad Fort. Take a stroll in the lush greenery of the Malampuzha Gardens. You can visit the nearby Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary to enjoy some moments.

This place is best for nature lovers. During the journey, you can enjoy a lot of things. This place is perfectly fine to plan a trip with family or friends. If you want to enjoy your trip then visit this place for sure.


In conclusion, a trip from Surat to this place is really best to enjoy. There are a number of things what you can enjoy during the journey. If you want to plan a great trip then this place is really best. Moreover, the locations what you can see there is amazing. If you want to take some best pics then this place is best.

In other words, this place is a paradise for nature loves and photographers. So, just trip from Surat and enjoy some sweet moments by visit this paradise of South India.

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